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Evaluation: Announcement

Dear Learners,

Welcome to the submodule “Evaluation”!

My name is Catalina Luca, and my colleagues from InterCollege developed this submodule for you.

InterCollege has been working for over ten years with designing, implementing and evaluating donor-funded projects. InterCollege is the father of the VAP standards and is determined to keep a value-adding approach to projects. A value-adding approach ensures that the focus remains on the value the project creates for the beneficiaries and the surrounding society. The key expertise of InterCollege is project implementation and evaluation that focuses on the use of deliveries in opposition to the deliveries themselves.

This is an asynchronous online course, meaning we will not have formal face-to-face teaching. Instead, the success of this course depends on you following the syllabus, engaging on this website and participating in the group discussions we have planned.

We hope you find this submodule useful.