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Implementation: Syllabus

The submodule “Implementation” will discuss how to prepare for a STREAMpreneurship activity, how to lead a STREAM-based non-formal learning activity and, finally, how to integrate your learners’ hobbies into the activity you are planning or implementing.

More concretely, in this submodule you will learn:

1. to integrate various digital tools into your activity.

2. to include in your activity explorative concepts such as “experiment”, “model” and “design”.

3. basics in leading a non-formal learning activity such as “setting the stage”; “leadership” “discussions”; “argumentation” and “takeaways”.

4.  to integrate into the activity your learners’ hobbies by using various digital tools.

The submodule contains three lessons as follows:

Lesson 1: Preparation

Lesson 2: Leading Non-formal learning activities

Lesson 3: Integrating hobbies into the training

The submodule will conclude with a quiz to consolidate your learning.